Welcome to the Dalhousie Public Policy and Law Society

a place to promote student work, engage important ideas, and make a few pals along the way.

What We Do

Promote Student Work

We provide a platform for Schulich Law students to exercise their interest in public policy and writing to contribute their ideas to the public discourse.

If you are interested in being published please email us at:


Organize Engaging Events

Our executives aim to supplement the JD and MPA degrees by hosting a variety of public policy events.

These events will bring in a variety of actors with a specific focus on people who have experience working in relation to public policy development.

Build and Support Networks

To some extent, who you knows matters. One of our goals is to bring about people with similar interests with the end goal of making connections. Whether it be an acquaintance or a potential coworker, or even up to a good friend, we hope that the society can be a place for people to get to know others.

if you want to keep in touch, join our emailing list!

About Us

President: Benjamin Foster

Treasurer: Darren Gill

VP External: Robin Asgari

VP: Zakariya Chatur

More About Us

Drop By

Weldon Law Building
6061 University Avenue  PO Box 15000
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 

B3H 4R2

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